And it works way beyond breakfast. 
English muffin
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There are the kind of friends who are there for you through thick and thin. The kind of friends who will watch your kids, walk your dogs, take you to the airport. The friends who show up for the special occasions and the tough moments. And then there are the friends who will never let you go a single day without knowing about something wonderful they have discovered. Whether it is a bingeable TV show or a fabulous new beauty product, a new restaurant, or a terrific bottle of wine, they have your back on everything awesome.

So, when I got word from my friend Barbara, who has impeccable taste, that Bays had come out with a new Brioche English Muffin and that it was worth seeking out, you can bet I did not let many days go by before I found some. And unsurprisingly, Barbara was entirely correct. 

Why I'm now obsessed with Bays Brioche English Muffin

Bays English Muffins
Credit: Courtesy Bays

While I am a fan of a traditional English muffin, even going so far as to make my own with fair regularity, I have quickly become semi-obsessed with these new ones. Rich and slightly sweet, like any good brioche, but with that wonderful chew you get with an English muffin, and plenty of nooks and crannies to fill with butter once toasted, suddenly my English muffin expanded beyond breakfast. From using them for the base of a croque monsieur-style sandwich with ham, cheese and bechamel, to swapping them in for burger buns, to making tea-time open-faced tartine snacks spread with herbed goat cheese and sliced cucumbers, I keep reaching for these over and over.

More ways to use this magical English muffin

I've gone on and on. They make fun croutons for salad: Just cube, toss with butter and bake until browned and crisp. They work as a simple upgrade for garlic bread: Toast and spread with Kerrygold Garlic and Herb Butter. Use them as the base for the best eggs Benedict you have ever had.

I have cut them into wedges and toasted into chips to make dippers and served them smeared with pate. They are a great substitute for a waffle if you like chicken and waffles: I make mini versions with half a muffin spread with spicy honey butter and topped with a chicken tender. And if you are a fan of an English muffin pizza situation, get ready to level up.

Whether you need to shake up your breakfast just a little bit or want to go down a rabbit hole of possibilities, get to the refrigerator section of your grocery, and look for the Bays Brioche English Muffins. Like Barbara, I just want you all to have the good stuff.