Best Drink Recipes for Any Occasion

Browse our best drink recipes for both mixed drinks and non-alcoholic sippers. From ginger beer cocktails and margaritas to hot chocolate and lemonade recipes, you're sure to find your new favorite chill-worthy drink.

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Struggling to choose between coffee and cocktails? Struggle no more.

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Cold Brew-Banana Smoothie

Rating: 5 stars 1
Who says you can't caffeinate and fill up on a hearty, wholesome breakfast smoothie all at the same time? In this cozy java concoction, prepared cold brew is blended into a banana and almond milk smoothie. Rather than using ice cubes which will dilute the flavor of the smoothie, the cold brew is cleverly frozen.
By Sara Tane

Pumpkin Spice Milkshake

Rating: 5 stars 1
Swap out the coffee for ice cream in this creamy PSL-inspired treat.
By Julia Levy

Drogon’s Breath Cocktail

In Game of Thrones lore, the dragon has three heads. And each would love to sate their thirst on this libation. A hint of bright citrus perfectly balances the rich earthy element the wine in this cocktail delivers. Refreshing, delicately sweet, and tangy, this drink if fit for a queen. Serves 1 Khaleesi
By Kristy Collins

Fizzing Whizbees Levitator

It's time to celebrate your inner wizard. Levitate from the ground with this delicious, bubbly cocktail made from Pop Rocks and Zotz candy, the closest things we muggles have to Fizzing Whizbees. It's sweet, tart, and pops and fizzes with each sip.
By Karen Rankin

Turtle Cheesecake Pudding Shots

These layered dessert shooters sure aren't your mama's turtle candies.Take everything you love about the turtle flavor combo (caramel, chocolate, and pecan) and mix in Bailey's Irish Cream for a grown-up version of the classic candy treat. Top each shot with all of the chocolate and caramel that your heart desires. 
By Lauren Musgrove

Mint Chocolate Pudding Shots

Mint meets chocolate in a dessert shot. What could be better than your favorite sweet combo with a boozy added bonus? These shots are perfect for your next holiday or New Years Eve party. 
By Lauren Musgrove

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipes

7 Copycat Restaurant Drinks to Whip Up at Home
Whether you're craving a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha in July, or a Chick-Fil-A Frosted Lemonade in December—or just can't make it to the store—we'll show you how to create these favorite copycat drinks in your own kitchen. 
When Life Gives You Lemonade, Make Extraordinary Lemonade
If you sold these at a lemonade stand you'd make a killing
Muddled Mint Iced Coffee
Rating: 5 stars 1

Inspired by the signature mint mojito iced coffee from Philz Coffee, this refreshing, creamy iced beverage is the only way you're going to want to get your caffeine come warmer weather. All it takes is a simple muddle of fresh mint and raw sugar, combined with your espresso and cream, to make this deliciously cooling sipper that any java-drinker is sure to love.