Toast-Yay! Is the closest you can get to a Girl Scout cookie for breakfast.

Other than an effective Covid-19 vaccine, there aren’t a whole lot of things to look forward to during these still-uncertain times. We’re all pretty much ready to close the books on 2020 and move onto 2021, but will things be any better then?

If the Girl Scouts of the USA have any say, the answer is a resounding yes. That’s because 2021 will grace us with a new Girl Scout cookie that you could probably get away with eating for breakfast if you really wanted to. It’s called the “Toast-Yay!” which is a punctuation-heavy name that refers to the fact that this cookie takes its cues from French toast. Not only that, but each cookie is dipped in icing and “full of flavor in every bite.” Think of them as like a giant Cinnamon Toast Crunch cookie, but even better somehow.

While the new cookie is probably the most exciting aspect of the Girl Scouts’ 2021 plans, our current reality means that their selling strategy will look a little bit different than in years past. In addition to setting up online “cookie booths,” the Girl Scouts will also offer socially distant sales and contactless delivery to make sure you get those Toast-Yay!s, Thin Mints, and everything else you need to stuff your face with cookies while supporting a worthwhile youth organization during these trying times.

So in case you were making a list of things to look forward to about 2021, add the Toast-Yay! To the list. I’m not sure what else you’d be able to put on there right now, but you’ve gotta start somewhere. And cookies are always a great place to start.