No-Cook Recipes

Whip up killer no-cook desserts, mains, salads, and appetizers without turning a knob. We've got great ideas for easy suppers (and more) that save time and energy in the kitchen.

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No-Cook Appetizers

Summer entertaining is easy with these delicious appetizers that keep you on the porch–and out of the kitchen.
There are better things to do during the summer months than to stand in a hot kitchen preparing food.

15 Genius No-Cook Summer Desserts

While it's close to impossible to avoid these cranking up the heat when cooking dinner, doesn't have to be so for the sweet stuff. 
By Emma Crist

No-Cook Dinners

Give the grill and oven a break and beat the heat by serving dinners that don't require any cooking.

30 No-Cook Recipes for Labor Day

These no-cook appetizers, salads, sides, and desserts will keep you—and your kitchen—nice and cool, no matter how hot Labor Day gets. 

No-Cook Summer Salads

Keep your kitchen cool and your stomach full with these nutrient-packed main-dish salad recipes.

No-Cook Shrimp Noodle Bowl with Peanut-Ginger Sauce

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Picking up already steamed shrimp from the seafood counter of your favorite grocery store is a great time saving trick—and it can help keep your oven turned off during the summer months. Thus, these no-cook noodle bowls are packed with fresh flavors and textures, but take mere minutes to assemble. They’re just the low-effort, highly refreshing weeknight-friendly recipe you need during the hottest days of the year.
By Pam Lolley

Southwestern Pork Lettuce Wraps

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These easy lettuce wraps make for a perfectly light and lovely summer supper that won’t heat up your kitchen. We use a quickly grilled pork tenderloin here, but you could easily substitute any other protein you feel like tossing on the grill (like steak, chicken, or shrimp) or even smoked, pulled pork leftover from yesterday’s barbecue. Simply set out your components in separate bowls and let everyone assemble their lettuce wraps as they please for a fun family meal.
By Pam Lolley

Inspiration and Ideas

The No-Cook Holiday Appetizer I’m Bringing to Every Party
Crudité is the appetizer no one knows they need. Here’s how to make it feel just as luxurious as a baked Brie.